Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Writer's Block

Writer's block is a very serious condition. It can cause even the most composed, talented authors to go into hysterics and threaten their precious writing with a match, a gun, a bomb (pretty much whatever you happen to have available in the house).
No one knows what causes writer's block... it may happen when your mind decides that it doesn't like the wonderful writing streak your enjoying, and goes on strike long enough to drive you absolutely crazy. It may be because your hand refuse to match the words in your head with the ones on the computer sceen, or the peice of paper. It might be that some ghostly phychic crept into your head while you were busy watching that TV show and stole all of your long awaited ideas.
...Lack of sleep can do it too, come to think of it.
One of the most common questions in America is: How do you defeat writer's block?
(Personally, I like to paraphrase the question and say, "How do you threaten writer's block with a heavy mallet and shove it down the deepest hole you can find, laughing like a mental patient the entire time?" ...but that's not important right now).
Do you remember the feeling you get, when you're sitting at a clean, organized desk, with a nicely sharpened pencil beside you? (or a pen, if you're really feeling brave). With that crisp, fresh piece of paper laying out infront of you, practically begging for you to write on every single square inch of it? Try it again. Forget your stubborn story for a short while, and start another story. Eventually, the story (or whatever you were having the writer's block on) will realize that unless it behaves, you'll continue to ignore it. Sooner or later, you'll sit down with it, and it'll be a joy writing again. Just make sure you have it promise to be a good and co-operative little devil this time.
Or, if you're like me at the moment, you have a deadline. You sit down, get ready to start writing about whatever you need to, and your mind goes blank. You try ripping your hair out, smashing your face on your keyboard, blaring the Mission Impossible theme song to a deafining volume. But, of course, doing all of this just makes you look (and feel) totally insane, and you don't want to be on the top of the list for the neighbors topic of conversation for the next few months.
As for a sane theory... try taking a walk. Mowing the lawn. Cleaning something (your room, your house, your car. It really helps). Sometimes, even a little nap will jog your stubborn subconcious, and you'll wake up with a few new ideas.
Overall, I think we have discovered that writer's block is a pain. But, believe it or not, defeating it (or threatening it with a heavy mallet and shove it down the deepest hole you can find, laughing like a mental patient the entire time) IS possible.
...I think.

Happy writing! >;)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Oh, caffeine, my long lost friend...

I must say, caffeine is one of the most backstabbing, cruel, and purly evil friend I've ever had.

Have I ever mentioned how much caffeine affects me? Well, it does. A lot.
Have you ever watched Hoodwinked? If so, do you remember Twitchy? The annoying (yet, cute) little squirrel whotalkslikethis?
That, my dear friends, if exactly what I am like after one cup of soda. Especially at nighttime.

Last week, or there about, I saw a can of soda in the fridge. Now, I am absolutely no good at self-denial. There were no witnesses around. I had half an hour to kill before I would have to get to bed, in order to get a decent amount of sleep. One little can of soda couldn't hurt, right?
I was up four more hours than I expected. What was I doing during those four hours of hyper insaneness?
I sat in the middle of my room. And I laughed.
What was I laughing about? Only God knows...
I think I may have done things in-between my laughter-fits... like pray. Or clean. Or possibly even worked on my story outline.
Mind you, this was at 12:00am-4:00am, so I couldn't blast any music, use the computer, or do something else mindlessly crazy and completely insane.
So, there you have it. And the best part is... I had to get up at 5:45am. Pure joy.

Now. This is exactly why I am never... ever... drinking coffee.


Well! Now, on to some blog-related things!
You may have noticed the couple of changes I made in the layout... feedback would be appriciated! ;)
I am also editing my playlist a bit! I've gotten some positive comments on it, and I'd like to thank all of you for listening to it! ^_^
I just noticed I now have 10 followers! Thank you so much everyone... it means a lot that y'all put up with my utter nut-cakeness :)
(My new word: nutcake. It's perfect.)

And lastly... life! ;P
I'm starting to get really, really excited for this year's annual picnic at my church! It always turns out veddy fun, and everyone has crazy stories to share afterwards! Of course, I know more people this year than I did last year, and I think it'll be more fun! Plus, I can make them try the brownies I make every year... *nods*
Also, I've started to go outside everynight, and sit on my front porch in the moonlight, and pray.
^that sounds quite cheesy and thilly indeed... but it's extremely peaceful! It feels unimaginably good to just pray and think in the breathtaking scenery... I love it. ^_^